Data Driven Sweet Spots


Never has there been such an abundance of information about who, when, when and why shoppers buy things. If you truly understand how powerful these key data driven insights can be for brands, categories and retailers one would certainly begin to understand why the big grocery chains have begun the process of truly understanding their customers and in so doing delivering long term benefits for the business. The key thing to take note of is that this is a long-term play and any expectation of delivering value in year one, two or three would be shortsighted.

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Loyalty Strategies vs. Loyalty Programmes

It seems like now-a-days every brand in South Africa is jumping onto the “loyalty” bandwagon and the average consumer is going to be carrying a lot of plastic over the next few years. In this sea of sameness, one question begs answering:  Will this drive any fundamental behavioural shifts with your customer base or are we simply changing the existing game of how we promote and discount goods and services? There is a very fine line between delivering a long-term loyalty strategy and a single reward programme and there is clear evidence that many brand owners do not understand the difference.

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With the wealth of big data and research we now have at our fingertips to better understand our customer and shopper, the brands that will survive today are not those that continue to suffocate themselves through analysis paralysis but rather the ones that learn how to ask the right questions !

Shopper Marketing - Is / Isn’t / Do’s / Don’ts

The recent growth of Shopper Marketing and the vital part it plays in helping businesses to sell more goods profitably has left many people wondering what it is and how the hell to go about it. Many brands today are holding onto one single part of the elephant and in so doing have a very different view of what the animal looks like. This list will hopefully help stir some thinking and add a few thought starters to help those grappling with HOW to drive Shopper Marketing excellence in your business. (My humble apologies to those that have heard this all before….yawn….however it seems we are still not getting it right yet)

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